Monthly Archives: December 2013


Ok, this just got serious.  You know how you start getting these little thoughts that you should be doing a little bit more…?  Well, I am just about to change the format of my personal website and that will mean losing my much loved, but very unread, blog.  I knew I would need to do something and I know I need to step up my social media use to something a little more productive than just stalking my news feed on facebook.  So, this is what happened next.

During the Christmas period I happen to come across two guys on the internet called, Matt and Bradley. I think I found them while stalking on facebook, I’m not sure, but anyway, I signed up for their webinar and I am sorry to say, I lost interest pretty fast. I didn’t know what they were talking about and, partly due to my learning differences, and partly due to living in a busy home and being constantly distracted, I gave up listening and did something with my youngest daughter instead.   However, this did not stop the persistent emails from Matt and Bradley and finally today, with a touch of mild irritation, I blurted out to my uninterested teenage daughter ‘ok, what is this wordpress thing?!’ one shrug/pout later and I picked up my phone and googled it for myself.


So, whatever it is, I can blog with it, and even better still, it was easy to set up, even with my slightly dozy end-of-the-year-I-don’t-want-to-do-much attitude.   Within seconds I had an account set up on my mobile phone, including links with facebook and twitter, and a few seconds after that my phone let me know it was not happy to be working so hard on low battery, so I jumped up (ish) grabbed my laptop (a whole 5 feet away), plugged in my phone and opened up the laptop/desktop version of wordpress.  Yep, my new wordpress blog was there waiting for me, just like my phone said it would be.

New profile photo added (taken today I might add, the mince pies and turkey have not been kind to me…) and first blog written.    Ever get the feeling you’re on the first step of a big adventure?