Day ONE.

First day of the year two thousand and fourteen and I am in WOW mode…last year was such a busy year that I am stalling myself to just think back on it and marvel at how much I achieved.   Being a single parent of five (four teenagers, one pre-teen) and finishing my full time Fine Art degree with a 2:1, as well as getting a First for my essay is just the tip of the iceberg of achievements for 2013.  Taking part in the Race for Life, landing my first paid job since having children (we are talking many many years here), joining a studio group and getting my own studio space, being nominated for Faculty Student Rep of the year, dabbling in auctioneering, hosting, public speaking, standing for election, voluntary work (although that is something I have always done), graduating, organising/co-organising and taking part in four major exhibitions, gaining my computer drivers licence as well as certificates in environmental sustainability and employment and business studies, and finally, taking the first steps to branching out into self-employment… yes, it really has been a breathtakingly wonderful year.

This year is going to continue in much the same vein and I will spend some time later, when the children are peaceful, reflecting on where this year will take me.  It will be the year of the Horse by the end of January, so we can expect a lot of good times as well as hard work ahead, so the next couple of weeks will give us a gentle run in to what will be an interesting year.   Those of us with good work/play ethics will enjoy this year very much.

We never really need an excuse to count our blessings as this is something we should do on a very regular basis.  Today I am infinitely thankful for all the lessons of last year and to all those who have shaped it into the year it was.   I look forward to much more of the same this year and can sit here and be truly thankful for every moment that is to come.


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I'm a freelance artist and craft maker, full time single mother, and self confessed workaholic. View all posts by alisonleggatt

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