Resolutions Are Not Just For The New Year.

“What’s your new year’s resolution?”  How many times do you hear that at the end of one year, into the beginning of the next?   Interesting as I don’t think I have ever been asked “How successful was last year’s resolution?” Which to me is probably a far more important question as so many of us manage our amazing new year resolve into just about the first week of February.

So, how successful was your resolution for last year?

Mine was amazingly successful, as it always is, but then my resolution is always the same “I promise to make this the only resolution I make this year” and it works every time.   It is an important resolution to me as I strive to improve and maintain all areas of my life, constantly, 365 days a year.  I am a sponge for knowledge and information so I don’t need to promise to learn something new.   I eat sensibly (although I will admit sensible has gone out of the window this Christmas, but as soon as the decorations are down, and everything gets back to ‘normal’, so the eating does too, as always.)  I am always busy, which is why I make time to meditate.  I live in moderation, except for laughter which is something I have in great abundance.   I have passions, plans, wishes, dreams and all the other things that keep us going when maybe times are a little rough.   Although they don’t stay as thought bubbles in the air, they do become part of my reality, one way or another.   But none of these things are limited to the first few weeks of the year,  in fact, in the last two weeks of 2013 I was putting new plans in place for the next venture.  My whole year is one big adventure.

Do you feel as confident about your resolution?



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