Word Association.

I saw a post on here yesterday and just the title made me shudder.  I couldn’t even steal myself to click on it to read, not because I feared the content, but because the title reminded me of something I would much rather not think about again.     This caused me to give myself a little bit of a ticking off.  I mean, I can’t go through life avoiding phrases/scents/places/objects/people/the bank manager just because of a little discomfort.  I’m not talking life or death here, just that sense of “Ugh, not right now thanks”.

Of course, there are some ‘innocent’ remarks/etc that can open up a whole can of worms that, once escaped, wont leave you alone until you have dealt with them.   When no matter what you do, they hang over you, threatening to ruin your very existence.  Now those ones, need dealing with, as quickly and safely as possible.  But remember not to shoot the messenger, and definitely not those who, without realising or knowing, dangle the can opener of doom in front of you.

Years ago someone said the word “bless” quite frequently me, who went on to be anything but a blessing in my life. Now every time I hear that same word I am catapulted into a mess of fury that anyone should dare to bring up such awful pain in my life! Only of course, that isn’t what they are doing at all.  That is what I am doing.  The word bless itself isn’t a bad one, it’s the memory of its usage that is.   But truthfully, the word itself can’t hurt me, and even the memory of its use can’t hurt me.  The events have been and gone and haven’t repeated themselves.  Yet still I have this irritating association with an otherwise innocent word.

The only person who can fix it, is me.  I can’t wipe the word from the English language (it would mess up a few Church services if I did!).  But what I can do is forgive myself for using the word as a can opener in the first place.   Maybe I need to create a whole piece of art dedicated to the word ‘bless’ by way of asking forgiveness for turning it into something unpleasant!  Actually, that’s not a bad idea.   I think I will add it to my missions for this week and add a page to my art journal just devoted to the word ‘bless’.

I will post a photo or maybe a video when I’ve done it.   But for now it’s time to rouse children and young people! Happy Monday 🙂


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