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Arty Bits

I have been a little quiet for the last week as I’ve needed to get some serious written work done, and as I am pretty much almost very very nearly finished, I thought I would take a little time out to do a bit of blogging.

Still, I have managed to keep up with the art and crafts  (critical for my line of work!) I have had a couple of pieces of artwork to get on with, including a lovely little terrier portrait in colour pencil.   Animals seem to be a running theme at the moment, and I’m loving it!

Other than masses of written work (in the form of a business plan) and number crunching (cash flow), I have really enjoyed working with my beloved colour pencil.  There was a time I wouldn’t touch one as it was too ‘babyish’ a tool for real art.  I couldn’t possible create anything masterful with what is essentially, a child’s pencil case basic.  Rather begrudgingly, I picked a packet of my children’s pencils up, and started rendering blocks of colour, then started blending and shading, and it didn’t take too long for me to realise I was able to create something quite pretty with them.   My first colour pencil drawing was a little squirrel (I still have it somewhere) and my next was a highly polished still-life that still fools people to this day that it isn’t a photograph.    The colour pencil had gone from something dismissive and far too amateurish a tool, to something I now revere.   So much so I now have a huge collection of them!!   All hail the colour pencil 😀


Craft Catch Up

Paper Syrian Hamster

I have kept my promise! I have turned into a bit of a paper critter addict…adding to this Syrian hamster are the four below, and a lovely French Bulldog that has already found a new home.

Four Cute Critters


French Bulldog


Addicted….ooooh yeah. 😀

A Craft A Day.

I realised the other day that I have become bogged down with day to day stuff and have sort of forgotten the joy of creating art and craft for the sake of it.   Over the Christmas holidays I had the constant company of my youngest who is also very creative, and watching her flip from writing to textile craft to drawing to beading and then restarting the cycle, reminded me of what I am missing.  Just the joy of doing something that doesn’t have a defined goal and objective at the end of it.   So she and I had a craft afternoon together when the others were out and/or at work and it was such a good soul-food experience that I have decided to make sure I do something creative every day, and on days when I don’t have time I will definitely do something creative!    Like my little one (who turned 11 yesterday so isn’t so little), my loves are textiles, drawing, paper craft and writing.

Actually she and I are very similar in lots of ways but as her exposure to some really quite challenging crafts has been a lot earlier than mine, so I am expecting she will be far more accomplished than I was, should she want to be.   She is an accomplished seamstress and is a complete whiz on her little sewing machine.  And watching her wield scissors and fine needles is something to behold.    Just lately she has developed a passion for creative writing, which is helping her no end in her quest to overcome the ravages of Dyslexia (spelling, word formation, reading, etc).   Also I have just noticed her craft and sewing box is bigger than mine…hmm, looks like I have competition 😀

So, anyway, as I was saying, a craft a day is my aim, for now at least, until I can get my head back into how much I enjoy it mode again.   I started with textile crafts in the holidays but have moved onto my more recently favoured (thanks to university) paper craft.

Fits neatly into the palm of your hand.

Fits neatly into the palm of your hand.

Above is the little paper dog I made last night.   And below is my lil’un on her sewing machine.

My daughter making a little felt pocket.

My daughter making a little felt pocket.