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I Can’t Get No Sleep.

I lied.  But I am an insomniac.  So last night’s 8 hours straight is something that doesn’t happen very often, and today I am feeling slightly shell-shocked and more than a little bleary-eyed, but pleasantly well rested.

So, if life were a song, which song would yours be?

Faithless’ Insomnia did spring to mind first as it was the last track I listened to last night while traveling to pick my son up from work at 10pm.  I don’t usually pick him up but mistimed puncture put an end to his usual mode of transport so yesterday saw me doing a mad dash back home to pick him up, take him to work, then, with my eldest daughter in tow, we stood and looked at the bunny rabbits in the local pet shop/store for ages before walking away.   I do feel a furry creature is on the plan for this year, I just don’t really know what or when yet.   Anyway, I digress!  Song!

Well, Insomnia is great one for me.  But I am aspiring to another even older track that is going to be my song for the moment, Kiki Dee’s ‘Star’ from 1981…1981! For anyone old enough to remember that one, I salute you!  Actually, are there many bloggers in their 40’s?  A curious mind would like to know…