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I am Late!

Possibly one of the most irritating (but conversely, soothing) things about learning differences is how much of a stickler you need to be to get through your day.  For me, it’s time keeping.  I cannot function without some sort of timepiece.   I was able to tell the time well, before I could read.  I plan journeys to the minute.  And as for being late…no, just NO!

This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone informing me of an incoming text at 6:40am, and on seeing the time I groaned at the prospect of losing almost an hour of my morning.   Not only do I like to keep time, I also like to get up early and start my day in the blissful morning peace, with the darkness beyond the window as my companion, and if possible, before the birds wake up.

So, I didn’t quite manage to get everything I wanted to do before the kids and birds were up this morning, and I am still trying to catch up!    Tidying up my office space isn’t on the cards, so this is pretty much my space as of 4 minutes ago.   I am very blessed to have such a great space to write and work in.  And, this is one of two great spaces I have!   My studio space is just as wonderful.

Studio space photo really does need updating!  This photo was taken just before I gave the presentation I had to give to join the art group.  It is a lovely place to work…although this space looks rather bare! Doesn’t look like that now.   Maybe a studio tour post will be worth doing at some point in the future?

However! I digress!  Another thing that is good at eating up my time is getting side-tracked and distracted – I am a bit of a magpie for that, which is probably why time is so important as it serves to remind me to get back on the ‘right’ path!

And today I am writing my business plan…yeah, right 😉


When Writing Isn’t Fun.

I have a quote that keeps me sane at the moment, and it is “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs” – Farrar Gray.  The reason this quote is so important to me is I am starting out on the road to self-employment this year.  However, I have hit a stumbling block that just is not leaving me.

I love writing – when it is fun.

Words just flow from my finger tips in the same way they do from my lips (I love speaking too!) but why is it, as soon as I open up my business plan documents, I suddenly need to clean the entire house from top to bottom and start looking for more and more ridiculous tasks to keep me ‘busy’?    I have my quote in front of me now, I read it and feel it and absorb it and want it and crave it and covet it! But stick me in front of my business plan and I suddenly want to be anything other than self-employed.   I know I’m not alone in this, as there are great articles and resources for us right brain doers, but there’s no getting away from the need to get over this left brain writers block I have.

Perhaps part of it is the fear of having my ideas judged unfavourably, but I know I have the ability to sell sand to the Sahara.  Perhaps also it is my own fear of failure, but I know I don’t fail, I just find creative ways of succeeding.  Maybe also, it is a fear I will be judged myself.  I am a single parent, I have five children, wouldn’t I be better off in a safe, guaranteed job with safe, guaranteed pay?  Well, yes, maybe that would be the case, and maybe it wouldn’t.  Nothing is guaranteed.

So, today I am sitting surrounded by sheets of paper that have the ‘clues’ I need to write my plan, along with written documents that serve little more than to create a question mark over my head, and once again, I find something else more interesting to do, this blog, the laundry, making breakfast, washing the car…