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Arty Bits

I have been a little quiet for the last week as I’ve needed to get some serious written work done, and as I am pretty much almost very very nearly finished, I thought I would take a little time out to do a bit of blogging.

Still, I have managed to keep up with the art and crafts  (critical for my line of work!) I have had a couple of pieces of artwork to get on with, including a lovely little terrier portrait in colour pencil.   Animals seem to be a running theme at the moment, and I’m loving it!

Other than masses of written work (in the form of a business plan) and number crunching (cash flow), I have really enjoyed working with my beloved colour pencil.  There was a time I wouldn’t touch one as it was too ‘babyish’ a tool for real art.  I couldn’t possible create anything masterful with what is essentially, a child’s pencil case basic.  Rather begrudgingly, I picked a packet of my children’s pencils up, and started rendering blocks of colour, then started blending and shading, and it didn’t take too long for me to realise I was able to create something quite pretty with them.   My first colour pencil drawing was a little squirrel (I still have it somewhere) and my next was a highly polished still-life that still fools people to this day that it isn’t a photograph.    The colour pencil had gone from something dismissive and far too amateurish a tool, to something I now revere.   So much so I now have a huge collection of them!!   All hail the colour pencil 😀


Craft Catch Up

Paper Syrian Hamster

I have kept my promise! I have turned into a bit of a paper critter addict…adding to this Syrian hamster are the four below, and a lovely French Bulldog that has already found a new home.

Four Cute Critters


French Bulldog


Addicted….ooooh yeah. 😀