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This Country Is A Mess

There, I have finally said it.   Those who know me will know that isn’t an unusual statement from me, but I tend to keep those sorts of comments to private conversations.  Now and then I’ll share a link on facebook that will hint at my frustration for this country (UK) but more often than not, I keep silent.    But my silence is starting to weigh on my conscience.  I do believe that you are guilty if knowingly say nothing when things are obviously not right, and I have had enough of saying nothing.   Perhaps the biggest reason for saying nothing is that I do not have a solution to the problems we face.  At least, I know I can’t change anything over night.

What I can do is make small changes and improvements to our lives as citizens of the United Kingdom (soon to not be so united if Scotland get their independence.)  What I can do is calmly (cough) and systematically work through all the issues and wrongs that are connected to us as a family unit.  What I can do is improve our status, while being mindful of those around us.  What I can do, when the time comes, is be a good employer who pays an honest wage and provides decent working conditions.   What I can do is encourage my children to work hard and well at whatever they choose to do.  What I can do is ensure I pay the right taxes for my income.  Will any of these steps make a difference? Well, they will and do to my immediate circle.  And it can only be through these small steps that we make a difference and generate a positive impact.    If I were to throw my hands up and give up trying to make life better then I would have to accept unconditionally all that is thrown at me.  No complaints. And I just can’t do that.